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National Taekwondo Kyorugi 48th Championship Kickmatics Result 2023

In the realm of martial arts, victory is a culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination. The echoes of this sentiment reverberated proudly as our students triumphed at the 48th National Taekwondo Kyorugi Ambassador Championships in 2023. Their success was a testament to the values of our school —perseverance, respect, integrity, and indomitable spirit.

However, competition is not always about winning, it symbolizes the triumph of hard work, the power of dreams, and the fulfilment of potential. It's about winning at life through the principles we instill and the paths we illuminate.We look forward to many more victories and to witnessing our students becoming not only Taekwondo champions but also champions of life.

Stay tuned for more updates on our students' journeys and their future triumphs.

10 Gold Medalists

Emma W, Joshua T, Marceau H, Aden C, Ayrton S, Kyle L, Jason K, Caleb T, Misha T, Vivian S

7 Silver Medalists

Ellie T, Adelaide M, Xeryus Y, Ara D, Kyden O, Niegel L, Frederick H

3 Bronze Medalists

Nathan N, Jaden T, Lucas W


Tong Ling, Liam N, Thaddeus C, Jarod O, Jaiden L, Xavier Y, Asher L


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