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National Poomsae 16th Championship Kickmatics Result 2023

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

As we embark on this thrilling journey as a young Taekwondo school, our hearts swell with pride and excitement! This is our 2nd time participating in the National Poomsae Championship, time was lost during the pandemic and we might be newcomers in the competition, but our team of passionate coaches brings an unyielding spirit and determination that knows no bounds.

Many might not have known us when we first started, but with each competition, we demonstrated the true spirit of Taekwondo - a potent combination of discipline, respect, and perseverance. Against all odds, we rose to the occasion, proving that it's not the years of experience that define success, but the sheer dedication and grit of our students. We may not have a long storied past, but we are creating one with every punch, kick, and block.

And today, as we stand proudly atop the podium with medals around our necks, we celebrate not just the victory, but the courage it took to embark on this incredible journey. To our extraordinary students, we extend our heartiest congratulations! You've shown everyone that with passion, hard work and ambition, anything is possible. To those who did not win a medal, we want to extend our heartfelt encouragement and appreciation for their efforts. We understand that it can be disappointing not to win, but remember, true champions rise from defeat. Embrace this experience as a chance to learn, to understand your strengths and areas for improvement, and to come back even stronger next time.

Lastly, we owe a debt of gratitude to the parents who have entrusted us with the responsibility of nurturing and guiding their children. Your unwavering support and faith in our methods have fueled our determination to give nothing less than our absolute best.

So here's to the future, brimming with limitless potential! Together, we will continue to write a story of triumph and inspiration. Team Kickmatics!

Here is the result of our 78 students who had participated in the recnt competition from our 2 branches in Serangoon Garden and Punggol.

Individual Events

15 Gold Medalists

Dayna G, Olivia A, Gina S, Ansley T, Amanda T, Cadence S, Shaun L, Tim P, Matthew Z, Enzo K, Micaila C, Charisse C, Junius P, Sham L, Noel L

10 Silver Medalists

Austin S, Aden C, Evan C, Qi Yuan, Coen H, Aijia, Rachel N, Yin Reng, Matthew C, Connor Y

28 Bronze Medalists

Valence T, Aajib, Tong Ling, Matthias Z, Ethan C, Seth G, Yuki A, Thaddeus Y, Zheng Qi, Louis K, Alexander R, Alcaeus F, Logan L, Sage L, Vivian S, Wan Yu, Kaden P, Emma O, Dhruvi V, Niall Y, Nathan C, Zavier C, Tyler L, Matthew C, Kyle Lim, Jason K, Xavier Y, Amelia T


Javier H, Jake H, Kang Jie, Elton L, Aadiy, Tyler T, Gabriel N, Elijah C, Jin Shen, Jaden T, Jarod O, Zhou Yan, Joseph T, Matthias S, Etienne T, Afeef, Clyde, Zylen T, Darryl L, Jonathan L, Hannah E, Brayden B, Brayden L, Zachary W


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