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At Kickmatics Taekwondo, our adult students will experience a combination of exercises for both body and mind. Our programme focuses on strengthening the body through dynamic tension and cardiovascular workouts.


To also help our students relax and stimulate their minds, a great emphasis is placed on deep breathing and concentration exercises to help them achieve it. As we instill attributes that will help in our adult students martial arts training.

We hope training at Kickmatics Taekwondo will make a positive impact and contribute to success in your career and personal life. 

Available Classes (With Belt Advancement)

  • ​Once Per Week

  • Unlimited 


All trial classes are conducted privately with our full-time Coach and will last for 30 minutes at a fee of $20. The purpose of our trial class is for intersted participants to have a hands-on experience on how our classes are conducted. Trial class fees will be waived for participants that register immediately after the trial class with us.

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