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CLASS AGE 6 - 17 

Kickmatics Taekwondo programme strives to provide our youth students with self-confidence and focus they need to make it in today’s world while teaching them how to respect one another.

With a highly motivating and exciting program, youth students will enjoy the training as well as the life long friendships that are built training with fellow academy mates to achieve similar goals.

Classes for this age group are conducted focusing more on the technical aspect of Taekwondo. Youth students will be put through drills to improve their fundamentals and ability to apply learned techniques.


All trial classes are conducted privately with our full-time Coach and will last for 30 minutes at a fee of $20. The purpose of our trial class is for intersted participants to have a hands-on experience on how our classes are conducted. Trial class fees will be waived for participants that register immediately after the trial class with us.

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