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AGE 4 - 5 

Kickmatics Taekwondo tots class programme is specially designed to help your child build character through its practice and understand the importance of respect for one another and self-discipline.

As safety is a priority in Kickmatics Taekwondo.


Our classes are led by experienced instructors and kept at a healthy coach-to-student ratio (1 instructor to 5 students).

Picking up Taekwondo from a young age is a great way for your child to develop self-confidence, self-defense skills, coordination and basic physical fitness such as speed, agility and endurance.


All trial classes are conducted privately with our full-time Coach and will last for 30 minutes at a fee of $20. The purpose of our trial class is for intersted participants to have a hands-on experience on how our classes are conducted. Trial class fees will be waived for participants that register immediately after the trial class with us.

Enrolment for students who are below 4 years old will be accepted as a case-by-case basis depending on their level of readiness

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